Coaley Village Hall And Community Hub

2012: Replacing the Village Hall Roof

At the start of this work the Hall still had its original roof,dating back to the 1950's, which was lacking in insulation and caused problems with minor leaks and condensation. In addition the hall extensions had aging flat roofs with all the normal issues involved. In September 2012 a major project went ahead to remove the main roof and ceiling, and fit a new roof which was extended to cover the Kitchen / Annex. This got rid of one of the Flat Roof sections of the building, plus provided a weathertight and well insulated covering to the main Hall. Many thanks are due to: Everyone who helped raise funds and made the donations that allowed us to carry out this vital work, all those who helped prepare the building and carried out a variety of tasks through the project, keeping things on track and sorting out the details and especially to everyone who helped get things ready for use again: 

The project

All the walls and window sills were  washed down throughout the building. In the main hall and stage area the walls were  painted where the new ceiling line has exposed previous colour schemes. All the dado rail and skirting board was undercoated and glossed and all the floors swept & vacc'ed and washed many times. 

Works started with a team volunteers covering the Hall floor with protective hardboard, and taking down all soft furnishings.

Then the contractors removed of the old roof, and carried out the safe disposal of the materials. As this was carried out water damage was discovered to some of the concrete purlins, which will be replaced during the refit. Finally the new external roof panels werefitted, extending the span over the Annex and fitting a new, insulated, ceiling. Following a period some further remedial work was required by a second contractor to fix some condensation and fitting problems and at last (by summer 2013) we had a new roof!

Many of the initial tasks comprised dirty and hard work for the volunteers; Tony Eve and Dave Billett who led the project would like to express their appreciation for the help given.